Nicholas D’Apolito

Nicholas is a graphic designer & art director
based in Los Angeles, California


Mk.gee - “Two Star & The Dream Police”
Album artwork & vinyl packaging design
Photography by Danica Kleinknecht

Poster designs for Mk.gee

Video title + poster design for Ethel Cain "Famous Last Words"

Designed with Eddie Mandell & Chase Shewbridge 

Poster design for SKSKSKS London

Personal Work - Collected server deaths of various online games

Vinyl label design for Daniel Caesar’s Never Enough 

Designed with Eddie Mandell, Brutus logo by Johnny Moss

Vinyl packaging design for Del Water Gap’s IMYA&IHLY
Designed with Eddie Mandell & Chase Shewbridge
Photography by Erica Snyder

Santangelo - Solace & Baby’s Song
Single Artwork Designs

JDM Global - Easygoing & Go Easy
Single artwork & EP design & art direction

Illustrations by Ema Gaspar

Poster design for <Here Fest 2022 & 2023

Victor Internet - Blue 2000
EP & Single Art Design

Kali Uchis
Tour merch asset designs

Jelani Aryeh & Quiet Luke
Poster design

Ruby Red
Logo design

Personal work

Ariana Grande - Positions single and album design
Photography by Dave Meyers, art direction by Stefan Kohli

Jelani Aryeh - From These Heights
Single artwork design
Visualizer animation by Nik Arthur
Direction by  Nik Arthur & Nicholas D’Apolito

Dreamer Boy - All The Ways We Are Together
Front and back cover design 
Photography by Adam Alonzo

Dreamer Boy - All The Ways We Are Together
Vinyl label design 
Photography by Adam Alonzo

Dreamer Boy - Know You & Crybaby 
Design & image treatment 
Photography by Adam Alonzo

347 Aidan - Tour Poster

Photography by Adam Alonzo

Personal collage work