Nicholas D’Apolito

Nicholas is a graphic designer & art director
based in Los Angeles, California


Video Title + Poster Design for Ethel Cain "Famous Last Words"

Designed with Eddie mandell & Chase Shewbridge 

Poster Design for SKSKSKS London

Personal Work -  Collected server deaths of various online games

Vinyl label design for Daniel Caesar’s Never Enough 

Designed with Eddie Mandell, Brutus logo by Johnny Moss

Santangelo - Solace & Baby’s Song
Single Artwork Designs

JDM Global - Easygoing & Go Easy
Single Artwork & EP Design & Art Direction

Illustrations by Ema Gaspar

CIB - Fanfiction
Single Artwork Design

Poster Design for <Here Fest 2022

Victor Internet - Blue 2000
EP & Single Art Design

Kali Uchis
Tour Merch Asset Designs

Jelani Aryeh & Quiet Luke
Poster Design

Ruby Red
Logo Design

Personal Work

Contra Dash - 222pm
Unused cover design
Photography by Callum Hutchinson

Ariana Grande - Positions single and album design
Photography by Dave Meyers, art direction by Stefan Kohli

Jelani Aryeh - From These Heights
Single artwork design
Visualizer animation by Nik Arthur
Direction by  Nik Arthur & Nicholas D’Apolito

Dreamer Boy - All The Ways We Are Together
Front and back cover design 
Photography by Adam Alonzo

Dreamer Boy - All The Ways We Are Together
Vinyl label design 
Photography by Adam Alonzo

Dreamer Boy - Know You & Crybaby 
Design & image treatment 
Photography by Adam Alonzo

347 Aidan - Tour Poster

Photography by Adam Alonzo

Personal Collage Work

Glaive - DND
Video title design

Josh Maison - Superstar & Man on Fire
Album Cover and single artwork

Jelani Aryeh - Stella Brown & Marigold single design

Dreamer Boy - All The Ways We Are Together
Poster designs, photography by Adam Alonzo

Personal illustration

Billy Lemos - Always
Single design